........ unlocking the mysteries in the procurement process
Why Atlantis?

The name Atlantis is best known as an island described by the
Greek philosopher Plato. He depicted Atlantis as a place known for
its Naval strength and advanced civilization. As illustrated by Plato, it
mysteriously disappeared in the 10th millennium BC.

For the past century, Atlantis has been actively pursued. However,
explorers have been unable to unravel its mystery. Although the
mysteries remain, the intrigue of solving them has never

Many companies have found that navigating the procurement
process is much like searching for Atlantis. We are professionals
and experts in unraveling those mysteries.

Atlantis Consulting possesses the experience, knowledge, and
expertise to help our clients navigate the acquisition process.

You will find we exceed our clients' expectations by providing you
with the best value for your business development dollars.
Our Heritage

Atlantis Consulting is a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small
Business. Terry Moses is a retired Army Acquisition Officer with over 25
years of Government Contracting and Program Management experience.  

Specializing in Facilities Support Services, Vehicle Maintenance, and
Security Operations, Terry's Army career spanned assignments in Haiti,
Honduras, and Kuwait, as well as numerous stateside locations.

Prior to forming Atlantis Consulting, Terry was the Deputy Director, Land
Based Weapon Systems, Defense Supply Center Columbus, Ohio. He
was responsible for the oversight of $300 million of annual purchases in
support of all military branches of service.  

Before arriving in Columbus, Terry served as the Program Integrator for
the Anthrax Vaccine. He bore the responsibility of coordinating the  
manufacturer's efforts enabling them to regain a Food and Drug
Administration license to produce and distribute the vaccine.